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Our Services

For Events

Do you have an event where you would like to offer physiotherapy & massage for your participants? We have a number of partnership options we can offer which can be tailored to your event. Get in touch to find out more.

For Physios

After some out of the clinic excitement? Want to promote your services to your community in an organic way? Our aim is to collaborate with clinics in event areas to best leverage all angles. Get in touch to find out more.

For Students

Keen to expand your skills working along side some of Australia's top physios? We have opportunities for students to volunteer at events incorporated with workshops to help prepare you for real world clinic work. Get in touch to find out more.

Events Include

Spartan Race | Alpine Classic | The Great Vic Bike Ride | Peaks Challenge Falls Creek | Mountain Bike Australia National & Oceania Championships

Events Physio Team

Yash head shot
Yash Gurevich

Based in Melbourne, Yash is a new graduate physiotherapist who as a student volunteered at many events to further develop his assessment and treatment skills. He is passionate about providing students with unique opportunities & increased confidence heading into the workforce.

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Phebe Liston

Based in Bright, Phebe has travelled internationally with professional sporting teams in cycling and skiing and is certified Complete Concussion Practitioner. Phebe loves the adrenalin that working an event can bring and the opportunities they can lead to.

See Phebe in:


Henry Wajswelner

Based in Melbourne, Henry is a Specialist Sports Physiotherapist who has worked at the AIS and been on the Australian Olympic Team. He is also the Sports Physiotherapy Course Leader at Latrobe University & enjoys participating in cycling events himself!

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Ben Bond

Based in Melbourne, Ben is completing his Masters in Sports Physiotherapy and is a member of the Olympic Winter Institute of Australia‘s physio network. He enjoys the travel opportunities that working with teams and events can involve and loves meeting new people along the way.

See Ben in:


Jess McDonald
Jess McDonald

Based in Geelong, Jess has recently returned from working in Canada and is completing her Masters in Sports Physiotherapy. Jess loves to share her knowledge and experience with students and also enjoys working along side other physiotherapists who share her similar passions.

See Jess in:



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